by Majdanek Waltz



The new Majdanek Waltz single tells us what Russia Dark Folk should be like. And it's being tagged as 'Death Folk' for a reason: each note and tone admires the charm and magnificence of the Death.

Gottfried Benn, Hermann Hesse and melancholy music of Majdanek Waltz combined help us to uncover the hidden facets of each. Chamber conversation between flute and clarinet, cello and guitar narrates about the perishing of all living. This releases also introduces vocals of Aleksandr Ionov (Region-77, Ogon (Fire)) which contributes chilly touch of devastating expression. He is seconded by another feat, Dmitry Shilov (Neznamo) with his noises that add to the culmination as a yet another fine-tuned musical instrument.


released October 2, 2015

Aleksandr Ionov - vocals
Larisa Arkhipetskaya - vocals
Pavel Blyumkin - programming
Ilya Matzevich - guitars
Petr Starov - bas-guitar
Igor Kuzmenko - cello
Sergey Vostrov - clarinet
Ivan Tsiporkov - flute
Dmitry Shilov - noises

Lyrics: Gottfried Benn, Hermann Hesse
Music: Majdanek Waltz

Recorded and mixed at Dog Vomit Studio and Zyklon Studio
Mastering by Andrei Ognev




Sulphur Flowers Russia

Neofolk label from Russia.

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